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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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Gilbert Beilschmidt

Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Beilschmidt, Gilbert
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Elemental Affinity: Katon

Rank: Genin

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Use this section to tell us what your character looks like. If you have provided an image above only the Face Claim section is compulsory

Face Claim: Obito Uchiha
Weight, Height: -
Other Characteristics: -

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Bloodline: -
Bloodline Ability: -
History of Clan: -

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Below you will flesh out who your character is. What have they done up until this point in their story? What makes them tick on the inside? What do they hope for and what do they fear? In the Character History section you are expected to have at least 400 words of history written for each successive rank. The Personality section

Character History:
There was once a girl named Rin who was picked on by a boy in her academy class. It wouldn't be until both her and the boy, Gregor Beilschmidt, were placed on the same genin squad that she decided to get back at him. The two remained as rivals challenging each other for years and eventually their close bond formed into love which would eventually bring Gilbert into this world.

The couple loved their son dearly and would spoil him when possible resulting in most of his developmental years being very happy. This all changed the day the banished ninja attacked the village gates. Gregor rushed onto the scene to aid his brothers in battle but was quickly cut down. Gilbert rushed to the pieces of his father in the street and cried without even waiting for the shinobi to move on. The hand of the murderer reached down to grab him, not even noticing the sound of the man running towards him who with a solid punch to the face sent him flying.

The next few days were a bit lost to him, his savior had utterly destroyed the man who caused him this emptiness in his soul but that did nothing to fix what had been broken. After a few weeks he started to speak again though there was a new bitterness in every word. Much had changed in him after that event, much would only come to be seen in the years that followed.

Academy Years
When he came of age Gilbert convinced his mother to enroll him in the shinobi academy despite wanting her child to take a less dangerous path in life. The years after the loss of her husband had not been kind to Rin who was slowly losing her grip on reality. As a result Gilbert learned to take care of himself early on and made sure to push himself in his studies.

There were numerous occasions where he could have made friends in school, he was an attractive young man after all, but friendships were not what he was interested in. Time others spent playing games and being children he would spend training his body and mind like a blade to the grindstone. Eventually his classmates lost interest in him and started calling him full of himself, that he thought he was too good for them and all sorts of other untrue things. Hisr teacher however took note of how he distanced himself from the others and did some digging until he discovered the fate of his father.

It took months of build up but eventually Gilbert allowed himself to open up to the man, Kenji Chiba, and for the first time had something similar to a friend. From that point on he would stay after class and have long conversations where he learned about the world in ways his books could never teach him.

Genin Exam
Eventually the time came, as it always does, for the academy instructors to bring their students forth to be tested and examined for potential as a shinobi. Most of the students were nervous and either showed it through fear or by covering it up with large words. There were a few though who stood with silent confidence while waiting for their turn. One by one each student was called by name to enter a room with a pair of instructors to show their prowess with wielding chakra, but something strange seemed to be happening as even the most gifted students left the room with a look of uncertainty on their faces.

When it came to be his turn Gilbert picked up on what was causing this. After a simple test of ninjutsu by means of performing the academy clone technique and accuracy with weapons there was an unexpected test. One of the instructors looked at him and asked, "Why do you wish to become a ninja?" It was something that he knew without needing to think for even a moment. After a quick nod he began and ended much faster than anyone expected. "I do not wish to become a ninja."

His examiners seemed confused by this, his scores had always been high though not the best and his determination to better himself was something commonly known throughout the academy halls. The second instructor asked him what he meant by this and why he even attended the academy if he had no intention of joining the military ranks. Another nod and another answer followed. "You misunderstand, I wish to join the military and protect the people of The Ark. But a ninja is a tool, something that can only cause death and suffering. There are no good ninja, only good people."

Once more his answer confused them, surely there were good ninja, after all The Council were ninja known for putting others before themselves so who better an example. "When I was very young my father was killed in an attack by banished ninja. The man who came to save me was not a ninja, he was unarmed and unprotected. But still he came to help. Good people can be a ninja but there is no such thing as a good ninja alone." They thought over this a moment, eventually deciding that his philosophy was, while controversial, fitting of a ninja enough for a passing mark.

Personality: It was an irritating day, the sky had decided that moments after I walked out of the academy's open use training arenas that it was time for rain. My current novel sitting in my back pocket protected from the water while I wished I could be flipping through the pages.

The loud splash and soft crunch behind me perked up my ears, turning around so fast my umbrella almost folded backwards to see an elderly woman who had slipped on the wet stones and seemed to be clutching her arm in pain. I rushed over to her and knelt down so my umbrella covered her from the rain despite this meaning I was getting wet.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded her head, cringing at the pain in her arm at the same time though which revealed that she would need a doctor. I offered my hand to her so that she could get back up to her feet while thinking about which way was fastest to get to a medical clinic. "Lets go get that taken care of." We would walk down the street together with me keeping on hand on her shoulder for balance and the other holding the umbrella until we finally came to a building that read, 'Medical Clinic'. After taking her in an helping her fill out the paperwork I would give a slight bow and resume my walk home.

• Gilbert is something of a literature buff, choosing to spend his free time reading novels, poems  and history books rather than playing games.
• Whenever he is having a particularly bad day all that is needed to brighten it up is a large cup of pure black coffee, the taste wakes him up and focuses his mind so he realizes that it could always be worse. As a result of his driven personality
• Gil likes presenting himself with challenges thus he takes great pleasure in solving puzzles of all desciption.

Dreams and Desires: -

• Artificial and instant coffee, while the real deal is a delight to him these imitations are seen as sins
• While a bit of sugar is pleasant, overly sweetened things are miserable to deal with and dreaded. Granted something he considers overly sweet might be normal to most people.

Fears: Severe Blennophobia, the fear of slime. Gilbert is fearful and disgusted by all forms of slime, including but not limited to mucus whenever someone sneezes into their hands
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