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 Village Landmarks

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Village Landmarks Empty
PostSubject: Village Landmarks   Village Landmarks EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 9:57 pm

This is contains several of the great landmarks within and nearby the village. This list does not contain every single structure within the village so just use this as a guide for a few interesting locations.

The Endless Tower
This tower is one of the greatest mysteries the ark has to offer. It was already standing when the first scouts found the center of the island, sealed and extending far beyond the clouds. Interested in what might be inside, the village was built up around it as more and more came to see it. No one has been able to enter through its sealed door nor burst through its walls despite generations of trying.

The Spirit Castle
Coming soon

Hall of the Dead
A vast expanse of caves and tunnels that span out under most of the village, upon the walls have been carved the names of every who has lost their life since people first came to the ark to escape the dangers of the other lands. There are dozens of entrances into the halls all throughout the village.

The Purple Garden
A beautiful garden that seems to go on forever, it is lined with simple cherry blossom trees and white lotus flowers everywhere. The only other feature is a path made from purple stones that safely leads visitors through it's maze.

Crystal Lake
This vast lake just outside the village stretches far in every direction with tiny islands throughout it. The water in this lake is so clear it actually shines and at night the crystals lining the bottom glow and light the surface an ominous cyan.

Densetsu Temple
An ornate temple arranged similar to a compound with multiple structures within it has been the site of many epic battles and tournaments throughout history and is thus respected as a place of peace where people of different clans and backgrounds can come together and bond through the martial arts.
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Village Landmarks
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