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 Torappa Clan

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PostSubject: Torappa Clan   Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:27 pm


Bloodline: Chōrō no Chie: Ken no Shīringu (長老の知恵:剣のシーリング) (Elder Wisdom: Sword Sealing)

Bloodline Ability: The members of the Torappa clan have a special affinity for Fuuinjutsu. The art of Fuuinjutsu practiced is unconventional though, as it is practiced through swords instead of the hands. Members of the clan are all granted a sword when they hit the age of 13 as a rite of passage, and though there is nothing special with the sword, it stays with its owner for life. They share a special bond that allows only its owner to wield it. When other try to pick up the sword, it weighs more than they could ever hold, but to its owner, the sword is light as a feather.

Another special feature of the swords owned by the Torappa clan is the material of Torappite. It stores a pool of up to 50 chakra, which is aquired by the clan jutsu Sealing Pierce. This chakra is never used, but is a requirement to use certain techniques within the clan. If the chakra is not used, it decays by 5 each post.

(All members may receive one clan katana for free after there character is approved)

Clan History: The Torappa clan are a fairly new clan in the realm of The Ark. The clan itself is only on its second generation, so the potential to the clan is just recently being tapped into fully. The Torappa family have been well renowned in the field of archaeology in regards to the Endless Tower and have helped drastically in uncovering several secrets. In the process of them studying the ancient ruins at the base of the tower, they discovered an ancient scroll with a sword next to it. Upon reading the scroll, Nogi Torappa began to master his chakra and perfect the art of fuuinjutsu and Kenjutsu to form the bloodline known to the Torappa clan today.

Limit on Jutsu: 3D, 2C, 2B, 1A, 1S




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PostSubject: Re: Torappa Clan   Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:14 pm

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Torappa Clan
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