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 Machina - wip

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Machina - wip REdqrcP

Bloodline: Body of War

Bloodline Ability:Throughout the Ark the Machina are known as warriors of exceptional strength of will, never slowing down or surrendering until their final breath has been lost. This is due to the ritual cast upon members at birth which replaces the child's undeveloped chakra network with an organic core similar to that of a machine. The core itself is round and about the same size as the child's heart, it will grow with them and mature over their years and just like a natural chakra system is able to be trained to become stronger. What sets the clan's chakra apart from others is the heightened recharge rate, allowing clan members to recover 5 chakra per round.

Clan History:This section describes the history of your clan, how it came to be, its traditions and identity. This section must be at least 500 words long.

Limit on Jutsu: 3D, 2C, 2B, 1A, 1S



In addition to Clan jutsu you also have to create 5 Traits for your Clan which can be acquired as you play. You must create at least 5, one for each rank, but can choose to make up to 8.

Trait name: Armor Plating: Level I
Rank: D
Type: Strength
Requirements: -
Description: Your body has started to change into the legendary body of war the Machina are famous for. Although you still look a normal person your skin has become quite tough and thick, gaining the ability to absorb incoming damage and protect your more tender insides. Damage reduction 10.

Trait name: Armor Plating: Level II
Rank: B
Type: Strength
Requirements: Armor Plating: Level I
Description: The changes have gone even further than before, touching your skin almost doesn't even register as human anymore. Your exposed skin has a slight metallic shine to it and your features have become much sharper, you still appear human at a glance but upon closer inspection you are becoming more of a machine. Damage Reduction 20.

Trait name: Armor Plating: Level III
Rank: S
Type: Strength
Requirements: Armor Plating: Level II
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Machina - wip
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