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 Inja, Rue | Completion

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PostSubject: Inja, Rue | Completion   Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:50 pm

Inja, Rue

Basic Information
Last Name, First Name: Inja, Rue
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen
Elemental Affinity: Suiton | Water Release

Rank: Genin

Face Claim: Aoi Tori | Tobari21 - Will link to Deviant when applicable.
Weight, Height:
Other Characteristics: ~

Bloodline: ~
Bloodline Ability: ~
History of Clan: ~

Character History:

On the Island known as The Ark there is a well known place named the Crystal Lake situated outside the Village. Hidden among the tiny islands that make up this landmark is a cave inhabited by a mysterious hermit, a woman who most of the Arks residence believe to be nothing more than a spirit that haunts the lake after drowning in it's waters years ago. One day a group of children ventured too close to the woman's cave and in fear of being both discovered and disturbed the woman used a transformation jutsu to appear as a demonic spirit. The woman chased the children from the area hoping they'd tell others to avoid that area of the lake and her cave. Over the years many parents used the story of the Crystal Lake Spirit to scare their children into avoiding the deep waters of the lake. As time progressed those stories became rumors and in time many of the residence began to believe in a fearsome lake spirit who feasted on the souls of children.

In truth the woman once known as Reiki was no spirit, she had once been a well regarded resident within the Village many years ago. Reiki possessed highly sought Medical practices that had served to save many lives during her life before dwelling within her cave. A ring on her finger and a child in her womb Reiki once lived a happy and peaceful life among her peers, she fell in love and married a ninja named Jiyū who had become bed ridden within her clinic after he suffered injuries during an exploration mission. It wasn't long before the two married out of love and in time they conceived a child.

One fateful day changed Reiki's life forever, it was day the Banished Ninja attacked the Village. Unknown to Reiki, Jiyū had been conspiring with these ninja and allowed them access within the village by opening the gates. After a battle ensued and the Banished Ninja threat had been taken care of it was Reiki's job to identify and examine the bodies of the dead, enemy and ally both. During her examinations Reiki discovered she could not find the body of her husband Jiyū, it became apparent he had abandoned his wife and child to lead a different life. A few weeks later a severely swelled and pregnant Reiki was summoned by an official of the council to speak of her husbands and her own affiliation with the banished ninja. Denying her involvement it became apparent the official believed not a word that she spoke and after a day it was decided Reiki would be banished from the Village. In desperation Reiki stole the dead body of a fat female woman from the clinic who held a close resemblance to herself. Placing her own clothing upon the woman Reiki planted the body within the Crystal Lake hoping it would be enough to stage her own death. Days later the body was found, evidently it had began to rot on the shore closest to the Village and was discovered by a young boy. That day was the beginning of the birth of the Crystal Lake Spirit and Reiki's life as a hermit.

Four months passed and Rue was born within a dark and damp cave on the lake. The birth was both natural and painful for Reiki but for the first time in a long time she was genuinely happy. After spending months depressed and alone, confined to the small dark cave the birth of her baby Daughter gave her the strength she needed to live. Seishin was the name Jiyū had chosen to name their Daughter but after the recent events Reiki felt the name no longer befitting for the child now latched upon her breast. Reiki thought about the events that had placed her into her current position and the abandonment of her Husband, one word continuously invaded her mind, regret. It was from that one word that Reiki discovered a fitting name for her Daughter thus she named her Rue.

Rue spent majority of her childhood both within that cave and in the surrounding forestry. Together the Mother-Daughter duo learnt to survive off the land by hunting, fishing and scavenging for food they learnt and picked up skills in weaving, sewing and began building any tools they needed to live as normal a life as possible. Their home transformed from a once dark, damp, bug infested cave into fully furnished and comfortable abode. The two lived happily though as Rue grew older she was constantly curious about what lay beyond the sanctuary her Mother had created for them. Secretly she would watch as children from the Village would visit the lake on a daily basis, wondering what'd be like to live among others her own age.

When her Daughter turned Nine Reiki decided it was time for Rue to spend her life among civilization and so she sent her to live with her close friend Ayame within the Village Hidden on the Ark. Now Fifteen Rue has spent six years without contact from her Mother, their cave home now abandoned. The past six years Rue has spent learning to live like a normal person though in many ways she's still the wildling girl who first arrived in the Village all those years ago. Rue was inducted into the Academy upon arrival and since then has graduated to the rank of Genin.


It was just another day in a place that possessed moderate familiarity to the young girl other than the landscape that surrounded it's walls. The faces of strangers peered at the dark haired kunoichi as she explored the place known as the Ninja Village. Her curiosity as of late had become more and more apparent during the last six years that she had spent separated from her Mother. Living within the Village held more complications than she had expected but her time with civilization wasn't all bad, in fact she saw it as another adventure and she had began to learn now things on a daily basis about the culture of populated area's and people overall. The memory of her first visit within the Village gates came to mind as she watched a small child skip by her with a giant red lollipop in hand.

Flash Back

The day was hot, a warm summer breeze flushed through the Ninja Village as child and adult alike hid from the festering summer heat beneath any available shade they could find, fanning themselves cool with an assortment of objects ranging from fans to books. A young and inexperienced Rue cautiously walked the streets unaffected by the heatwave as if unaware of its existence. Rue walked the streets with a giant red lollipop in hand staring at the strange shapes and colors that covered the sweet sugary sweet, inhaling the enticing scent of the delicious treat she had 'stolen' from a vendor a few streets back. Even as the man explained to her what theft was she still did not understand what he meant, back home with her Mother everything they found was theirs to keep and she just happened to find the lollipop and saw it as hers. After ten minutes of confusion the disgruntled man sent Rue on her way with the lollipop in defeat.

Unaware of her surroundings Rue was knocked over by a boy twice her own size ''Watch where your going idiot!..'' The boy yelled at Rue as he trudged off with her lollipop snickering. Rue took note of the boys actions and realized she was quite upset with the boy who had taken her lollipop from her but instead she shrugged it off as she thought back to the Shop Vendors words. Instead Rue picked herself up and continued on her way toward the lake in a hurry, if she wasn't quick she would miss the opportunity to catch a big fish. In an instant Rue knocked into an elderly woman and sent her flying, ending with a loud thump as the woman landed on her bum. Confused for a moment Rue looked down at the woman remembering what you were meant to do in situations like this. Rue failed in trying to scowl her face and instead looked more like she was constipated ''Watch where you're going Idiot!..'' she called as she looked down at the elderly woman feeling pleased with herself.

The elderly woman was unimpressed with Rue's choice of words and lack of manners and dragged her all the way to her Aunt's home by her ear. Rue's cries for help caused a large amount of laughter from those passing by as she struggled to break free from the woman's strong grip.


  • Hunting | Due to her unconventional upbringing and being accustomed to living off the land Rue has acquired a taste for the thrill of hunting. Refusing to eat any type of canned produce, on a daily basis Rue can be found hunting the forests surrounding the Village. Rue likes a challenge and as such pushes herself to bring down a larger animal each time she hunts though majority of her spoils have consisted of small birds and piglets while on her more adventurous treks she will hunt down wild boar.
  • Exploration | Rue is as curious as a cat and enjoys nothing more than to explore her surroundings thoroughly for anything she can find. After being confined to a cave and a lake for Nine years it comes as no surprise that the young kunoichi is eager to venture out to explore. Rue's adventurous nature allows her to be brave when it comes to exploring new area's though her nature often gets her into dangerous situations.

Dreams and Desires: ~


  • Population | Perhaps both a fear and a dislike, Rue hates being around crowds of unfamiliar people, while small groups cause no distress for her she doesn't like to feel overwhelmed with large amounts of people.
  • Hostility | Rue loathes people who act hostile towards others, especially those she cares for. Openly she will defend and accuse others if they're being hostile toward weaker people, especially to herself. Even worse are those who secretly and sneakily be hostile to others, nothing gets Rue's blood boiling hotter than that.

Fears: ~

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PostSubject: Re: Inja, Rue | Completion   Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:32 pm

Completion bump.
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PostSubject: Re: Inja, Rue | Completion   Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:35 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Inja, Rue | Completion   

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Inja, Rue | Completion
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