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 Once Upon a Time...

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Once Upon a Time...  Empty
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Once Upon a Time...  Mf1vZDX
The little old lady smiled as you sat eagerly by her feet. You had heard this story countless times but it was still your favourite. She ruffled your head and closed her eyes for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. This was almost a ritual of hers, in a moment she would look out the window, gaze up at the sky and look away into some time long gone. The smile on her face was fonder now, one used for remembering a past where her body was supple and strong and a gleaming strip of metal adorned her forehead. She turned back with magic in her eyes and cleared her throat.  "Alright, this is the tale, of the Shinobi..."

"Once, long ago there was a time of darkness. I remember my great gran telling me stories of those days, stories she had been told by her grandmother. The world was clouded and confused, men and women wandered the world lost and hopeless. There was nothing. You see something had happened, something so terrible the sky itself hid and was scared to come out. Monsters roamed the night, they preyed on the lost ones and so we lived in fear. No one remembers how the world came to be that way. The seas broke past their boundaries and the mountains sank to meet them. Fire from deep below erupted and burnt the sky. All we knew was fear and suffering, a long night of terror.

We fled to the seas. We could not stay on that land of darkness anymore, if we had, we would not have survived. We drifted from island to island but only found the same monsters, the same darkness. It was as if all hope was lost."

You scuttled forward with eyes wide and breath bated. This was your favourite part. The old lady smiled knowingly and sat forward, each word filled with drama and tension

"Then we found it, The Ark. For the first time in years our people saw the light, a great gleaming sphere of radiance floating in the sky! It was glorious, the darkness had no hold there and we were finally able to escape the horror of our old home. We landed and began to build anew. For the first time since the darkness came we built homes where we could live in safety, farms where we could grow our crops and live without fear of the terrible monsters that drove us here. It was a peaceful time, a quiet time. Then one day a young man named Takoda, Takoda the Great, found something. Do you remember what it was?"

You nodded your head furiously, how could you not know? It was visible just outside the window. "The Tower". She smiled.

"Yes. The Tower. Stretching up to the sky and piercing the clouds themselves it was unlike anything Takoda had ever seen before, anything he had ever imagined. he tried to enter but found it was sealed! There were no doors to be found, it simply shot up from the ground like a tree. Not only that but surrounding the tower were beautiful buildings made of wood and stone, a town surrounding the great Tower. Takoda soon brought others and they began to live there, safe beneath the shadow of the Tower. Then, they began to feel something. A power they had never felt before, it flowed through their bodies lie life itself. Soon Takoda found scrolls, almost crumbling with age, telling of this power. Of Chakra. He began to learn from the scrolls and taught others what he discovered. They told of a noble society of people who possessed incredible abilities, a brave group that gave their lives to hold back the darkness and protect others. The Shinobi. Soon Takoda and his friends were doing marvelous things, creating fireballs and illusions, moving the earth itself as if it was water. And so the Shinobi were born once more. They formed a council, and created this village to protect our people. To protect you, little dove. To this day we still keep the same traditions. Those with the ability are trained and protect those who cannot protect themselves. We keep terror back and fight the monsters in the dark. That is what it means to be a shinobi you know?"

She trailed off and looked out the window once more. Behind her on the wall hung a long band of blue cloth, with a single metal plate covering the middle of it. You looked at it with awe and dreamed of the day you would have your own. Your grandma let out a soft sigh and her head drooped, a gentle smile on her face. You slowly backed away and left her sleeping in her chair. The door shut behind you with a soft click and you took off running down the street. You ran all the way home, dreams of evil ninja, monsters and great heroes filling your mind. As you went to bed that night those thoughts returned. You found yourself smiling as you fell asleep, thinking of the day you would begin your own Shinobi Tale.
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Once Upon a Time...
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