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 Gilbert - Tech Registration

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Chakra : 100
Character Age : 15
Posts : 51
Ryo : 480

PostSubject: Gilbert - Tech Registration    Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:51 am


Sugar Coated Demise
Rank of Jutsu: D
Damage: ?
Range: One selected target within 50 feet of the caster
Speed: ?

Element Affinity: -
Type: Genjutsu
Description: The user must charge chakra for a round before using this technique, in addition the user must be eating a pocky and then snap it either by hand or with their mouth which when combined with the chakra charged creates a crunching sound and activates the technique. The technique causes the victim to start seeing changes made to themselves, at first their skin changes to the color of a biscuit stick in addition to their arms and legs being locked together at their sides. After that their body is covered in chocolate from their head to their knees and everything starts getting stiff. They then shrink down as a demonic version of the caster picks them up and takes a bite out of them which is the end of the technique. These mental visions last one round, during which time the victim loses all of their senses in the real world and instead feel the things happening in the vision. 3 post cool down.

Dutch Oven Technique
Rank of Jutsu: E
Damage: 0
Range: See Below
Speed: -

Element Affinity: -
Type: Genjutsu
Description: Passive. A playful trick used among friends, the dutch oven technique is an odd jutsu that has become rather infamous around the academy schoolyard. By focus chakra into the caster's intestinal track for just a moment they are able to release a chakra infused fart that makes all those who hear it believe that the smell is on par with being surrounded on all sides by rotten garbage. In turn, the user can also use this technique to make the fart smell sweet or pleasant, anything from roses to lavender can be chosen. The false smell lasts two posts against those who fall victim to it.

Rank of Jutsu:

Element Affinity:

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Gilbert - Tech Registration
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