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 Severus Avenell

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PostSubject: Severus Avenell   Severus Avenell EmptyWed Mar 11, 2015 6:38 am

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Severus Avenell

Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Avenell, Severus
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Rank: Genin

Severus Avenell ADKsVyc

Face Claim: Kiritsugu Emiya
Weight, Height:
Other Characteristics:

Severus Avenell WZgS0oS

Bloodline Ability:
History of Clan:

Severus Avenell KRt4066

Below you will flesh out who your character is. What have they done up until this point in their story? What makes them tick on the inside? What do they hope for and what do they fear? In the Character History section you are expected to have at least 400 words of history written for each successive rank. The Personality section

Character History:I’m from the place where the sun doesn’t shine, the southernmost district of this crazy city. There are sunny days every now and then but no one is able to enjoy them at all. Anyone who stays on the wrong sidewalk for any length of time is likely to be robbed, or worse, within seconds, not a very good place for a kid to grow up in. But we survived, day by day, we survived. This area of town is ruled by the gangs, bad moon, blood talon, and the worst of all el diablo. And they ruled my section of the city. Each gang was led by a ninja from the local academy, the bully factory, and el diablo was led by a pyromancer named Mephistopheles a real nasty piece of work. I was a student of that same academy but not a real noticeable one; I was invisible working my magic quietly. I was the leader of a gang to though; the Fangs of Jorgumendr, but we weren’t a strong group. In fact to call us a group at all would be a bit of a stretch, the fangs were just a set of orphaned kids with nowhere else to go and I was simply the oldest of them cursed to care if they made it through the night. And we lived inside el diablo’s turf.

My abilities weren’t overt but that didn’t mean that they didn’t work, they just weren’t obvious. I found I had an ability to trick people, to make them see things that weren’t there. One of the instructors called it genjutsu but the rest of them didn’t know what it was, which inspired great confidence in me for their abilities. Well anyway I used this ability to steal food from the local gangs and even from el diablo itself. And then I was dumb enough to get caught doing it by Mephistopheles who was none too pleased at my theft. I was lucky though, I fought him off long enough to stall until a ninja instructor came to my rescue. He drove off Mephistopheles and took me to the central academy. You see according to him I had a gift for this genjutsu stuff that wouldn’t be taught at the lesser academy in my district, I had a chance to become a greater ninja than anyone from the bully academy.

For the first time in my life I made friends, or at least people who I didn’t hate or have to take care of, equals, comrades. After I passed my graduation test they asked me what I would do with my powers, I told them that I would use them to defend those that couldn’t defend themselves. First thing I did was convince Mephistopheles that an even more powerful gang had taken up residence in my block so the entire el diablo gang cleared out. The fangs had their own district and when I’m not on ninja jobs I come back and help them to take territory from the other groups so that eventually all of the southern district would be owned by a group that would do its best to make sure that everybody got food on time with no greater goal than that.

I am the prince of thieves, the lord of orphans, and the smiling shadow and this is merely the beginning of my rise to greatness.

Personality:It’s been a slow day, no jobs, no immediate crisis, no idiots running around with the heads cut off, just me looking intimidating drinking lemonade. Some days are pretty good around here. And here comes and old lady crossing the street, into the blood raven’s territory. I just hope she hurries across I wouldn’t want to be in their territory for long. They have a tendency to charge fines just for walking into their turf and they beat you up if you can’t pay. And she trips, of course. I run across the street as fast as I can sprinting for my life. They haven’t noticed her or me yet, that’s good at least. I run up to her and begin to help her up. I hiss three times and a couple members of fang run out, two of them begin to play lookout as the third, Aslan giant brute of a guy, runs over and starts to practically carry her across the street. I go for the bags that she was carrying and we all sprint for the safety of our turf. That was close. I ask her where she was headed and give her a paper with the best way to get there avoiding all of the more dangerous gangs and going through the ones with a more kind spirit. Then I wish her luck and go back to my lemonade. Every day’s and adventure here.

Likes: Silence, a calm day, a nice cold glass of lemonade or tea, and my fellow members of fang
Dreams and Desires: That everyone under my protection would not go hungry and would be kept safe.
Dislikes: Loud noises, drama, and bullies
Fears: Failure
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Avenell   Severus Avenell EmptyWed Mar 11, 2015 7:36 am

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Severus Avenell
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