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 Technique Limits and Usage

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Technique Limits and Usage  Empty
PostSubject: Technique Limits and Usage    Technique Limits and Usage  EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 7:48 pm


To use a jutsu or technique in a topic you must first fulfill the requirements to use that jutsu, the most common of which is either handseals or charging chakra. This is incredibly easy to do and requires nothing more than a short line mentioning doing either action during your post. The number of posts before being able to use the technique depends on its rank and your current rank. This will be shown below along with the maximum rank of technique you are able to use at each rank.

Maximum Usable Rank

Genin: Can use up to C Rank jutsu.
Chuunin: Can use up to B Rank jutsu.
Special Jounin: Can use all the way through A Rank jutsu.
Jounin: Can use all the way through S Rank jutsu.
S Rank/Kage: Can use all the way through S Rank jutsu.

Handseal/ Charge Time for each Rank:

Unless your character is a robot with a petabyte of storage in its head chances are you won't be able to learn every jutsu ever created! To reflect that each character is limited as to how many jutsu they are able to know at any given rank. This is to encourage you to develop your character a specific way rather than having every option available to you all the time. These limits can be affected by Traits, Clans and any other approved method.



Q: Is there a way to get more Techniques?
A: It is possible to get more techniques using Traits. When a Trait increases the maximum number of techniques they are considered bonus slots and are not restricted by rank. So if you take a Trait at Genin that gives you one extra justu you could save that up until a higher rank and gain a bonus S rank jutsu, but why wait that long?

Q: Do Clan Techniques count towards these limits?
A: Yes they do. Any Clan technique you take counts towards this limit.
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Technique Limits and Usage
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