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 Trait System

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What are Traits?

Everybody has something that makes them who they are, certain things about them that help determine their identity. The trait system allows you to blend the RP elements with the more game-like parts of the site. Traits are passive changes to your character that provide bonuses or negatives in various areas. As you acquire Traits your character will continue to develop a sense of identity and become a unique individual.  

How do Traits work?

Traits all fall into one of five categories. Speed, Strength, Genius, other and Clan. Each trait also has requirements that must be met in order for you to take it. There are a large variety of requirements and some of the best Traits are tricky to obtain. Every character can potentially have 25 Traits at max rank and at each rank you have the opportunity to unlock 5 Traits to develop your character. Only 5 Traits are free, the others are unlocked according to the following system.

For Each Rank...

1st Trait - Free at Rank up/Character Creation

2nd Trait - Unlocked through Training (1000 word Training Topic)

3rd Trait - Unlocked through Training (1500 word Training Topic)

4th Trait - Unlocked for completing 6 missions, one which must be a rank above you.

5th Trait - Unlocked after completing a [Prestige] mission of your rank solo.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements to unlock another Trait you can simply choose another Trait from the database and add it onto your Character Sheet topic. You do not have to choose a trait right away and can take your time deciding, or wait until you have met the requirements of the Trait you want! Once you have taken a Trait you cannot remove it, so choose wisely.


Q: Can I make my own Traits?

A: Custom Traits may be created and submitted for approval and moderation. In saying that there are a few things you have to take into consideration when doing this. First, Custom Traits are all added into the general use database once approved. Outside of Clan Traits any Trait you have can potentially be acquired by another person. Second, Custom traits will be heavily scrutinized. Do not expect every Trait you post to be accepted so you can add it onto your character, we want you to be creative in using the Traits that are already approved to make your dream character. So if you feel you have a Trait idea that fills a niche that is currently empty, by all means go ahead and post it! Just keep these things in mind.

Q: Will you add more Traits?

A: Yes! We plan on creating more Traits for each rank and releasing them as 'Packs' in the future. We have exciting plans for unique Traits that will be tied to events and other content on the site so that your participation will be a part of your character forever!

Q: Can i take an S rank Trait at B rank?

A: No. You can only take Traits equal to or lower than your current rank. For example you could take C rank or lower traits at B rank but you cannot take an A rank.

Q: Can I take the same Trait more than once?

A: No, you cannot.

Q: So do i get 5 free Traits to start off with?

A: No, that sentence means that there will only ever be a total of 5 traits you gain for free. Those 5 will be the ones you gain from ranking up.

Q: How do i train for a trait?

A: Make a topic anywhere with [Trait Training] in the title. Simply RP yourself doing some method of training for the required word count. The training can be anything you want, but if you are going for a specific Trait you can always make it related to that.

Q: Do I have to take a Trait when I unlock one?

A: No, you can simply do everything required to take another Trait and then wait to choose one. This means you can wait to take a Trait that you haven't met the requirements for or take some more time to choose.
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Trait System
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