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 Ryuu Uzumaki

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Ryuu Uzumaki

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Ryuu Uzumaki  Shinobi-template

(Insert Character Image here)

Character Name

Basic Information

Last Name, First Name:
Elemental Affinity:


Ryuu Uzumaki  ADKsVyc

Use this section to tell us what your character looks like. If you have provided an image above only the Face Claim section is compulsory

Face Claim:
Weight, Height:
Other Characteristics:This is where you can describe anything else about your character.

Ryuu Uzumaki  WZgS0oS

If you are going to be part of a clan simply copy and past the information from the Clan page here.

Bloodline Ability:
History of Clan:

Ryuu Uzumaki  KRt4066

Below you will flesh out who your character is. What have they done up until this point in their story? What makes them tick on the inside? What do they hope for and what do they fear? In the Character History section you are expected to have at least 400 words of history written for each successive rank. The Personality section

Character History:

Personality:In this section we would like you to RP as your character. You are walking down the street and see an old woman trip and fall. What do you do? Use this section to give us a feel for your character and to help you get a feel for them too!

This last bit here is optional, but encouraged. This section will help you flesh out your character more. You may make it a list for do it in a paragraph.

Dreams and Desires:
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Ryuu Uzumaki
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