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 Missions Outline

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PostSubject: Missions Outline    Missions Outline  EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 10:18 am


The purpose of all RP is to tell a story and missions are just one more way that you can tell stories with your character. Far from being a simple grind for money we want missions to have a greater impact on your character and the world of Shinobi Tale. To adapt a favourite quote of mine, "Stories are what happen while you are busy doing something else". Sometimes it is hard to think of what to RP with your friends or on your own and so we hope that Missions will be a good way for you to tell stories while doing something else. Who says personal plot or character growth can't happen while tracking down a rouge ninja for the village?

To take on a mission simply create a topic in the forum the mission is located with the mission name as the topic title in square brackets and any other participants. For example [A Generic Mission] - Fred, George. Once you have completed the mission just get a staff member to come check it and hand out the rewards! Easy as that!

With that said, here are the different types of mission currently available here on Shinobi Tale.

[Exploration] -  These missions are on a time limit which is accomplished by a set amount of damage that is dealt to your character each post, with a limit on how many words each post can entail. Success comes from reaching certain milestones of posts. These can be tackled solo or as a group, however going solo will provide greater rewards. As people progressively hit milestones they will unlock new missions in those areas as well as other exploration missions. In doing this the members can have an actual impact on the world in a meaningful way. To conquer these missions you will need to balance good rp, creativity as well as resource management.

[Group] - These missions are designed specifically to be handled as a group. They are generally straightforward scenarios that encourage group play to finish.

[Story] - These missions indicate that they are part of a larger chain of missions that create a self contained story. The previous mission must be completed before the next is unlocked and completing the full story will net a much larger reward. they will scale in difficulty and even across ranks, sometimes making completion a long term goal for your character. These are meant to add in things such as the Zabuza arc to Tale, giving characters a non-personal plot arc they can participate in alone or with a group. The focus of Rp is always telling stories and these will simply give people more stories to tell.

[Prestige] - Prestige missions are designed as the 'raids' of the site. Extremely difficult missions for their rank that provide great rewards. They can have a variety of objectives that will be designed to be difficult to conquer and will have elements similar that will require more than just brawn to accomplish. They will have the biggest rewards and are necessary tests of your characters skill that will unlock their full potential (5th Trait)


Q: I'm in a topic right now? Can i take on a mission?
A: Yes. We have decided that on Tale missions will be their own separate thing. What this means is that you can be involved in a mission as well as another Rp topic. However, you are limited to one mission at a time and one Rp topic at a time. Missions are treated as a 'story' you tell while Rp is what happens between them. If you have not completed a mission nothing in that mission is 'canon' until it is complete. Same as if you start a mission nothing that happens in Rp after you start is 'canon'. This includes Techniques, Traits and Equipment.

Q: Is it possible to fail a mission?
A: Yes, though it depends on the mission. Some missions will be like a puzzle that requires you to figure out the answer, if you get it wrong then you fail! Some missions have challenges that require you to last a certain amount of time or do a certain amount of damage before being defeated. Don't worry though there will always be some compensation for your efforts.
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Missions Outline
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