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 Stormy Beginnings

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Exploration and Group






[center][size=24][b]A Looming Threat I [Story][/b][/size][/center]

[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color][/size] A Looming Threat I
[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color][/size] D
[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size] -

[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color][/size] There is something out there. The Council is worried. The village is worried. There have been a serious of odd events around the village lately, household items disappearing, noises at night. It has gotten people on edge and the council has tasked you to investigate the surrounding area for anything suspicious. Your job is to find anything strange and report back.

[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color][/size]
- Rp your search of the area around the village.
- Discover the following: Strange red symbol of a gust of wind, several cut down trees, a broken forehead protector.
- 1300 word count minimum.

[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Reward:[/b][/color][/size] 1000 ryo per participant. Unlocks A Looming Threat II [Story]
[size=11][color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color][/size] At 3000 words an extra 1000 ryo per person.

[center][size=24][b]A Looming Threat II [Story][/b][/size][/center]

[color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color] A Looming Threat II
[color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color] D
[color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] A Looming Threat I

[color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color] After your previous report the Council has looked into the matter further. They have corroborated evidence with other teams and have identified three people missing at the time of every disturbance. The Council has asked you to go and interview these people and see if you can discover anything useful. The first is Fa, a 21 year old genin who has failed to become a Chuunin several times. he is known for being temperamental around younger Genin and the Council advises tact. The second is Tokada, a recently graduated Chuunin of some renown but known for his rebellious tendencies. The last is Akama. He has been a Chuunin for some time and is regarded as one of the best for his age. He has already become proficient with Fuuton jutsu and is also known for his speed. He is an outstanding member of the village.

[color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color]
- Travel to Fa's house and interview him about the disappearances. He will not tell you anything of note.
- Travel to Tokada's house. He will not be home and the house will be deserted. You may choose to leave or gather evidence another way. If you investigate further you will notice that his house is empty and it looks like someone left in a hurry.
- Travel to Akama's house. He will invite you in for tea and explain that he too has been investigating the occurrences, which is why he is always away when they happen.
- 1500 word minimum.

[color=#FF9933][b]Reward:[/b][/color] 1000 ryp per participant. Unlocks A Looming Threat III [Story]
[color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color] At 3000 words an extra 1000 ryo per person.

[center][size=24][b]A Looming Threat III [Story][/b][/size][/center]

[color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color] A Looming Threat III
[color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color] D
[color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] A Looming Threat II

[color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color] Tokada has gone missing. He was last seen running around the village looking nervous. He has since fled. The Council wants you to go and find him and bring him back in. Be careful, he may not be in a good state of mind.

[color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color]
- One post minimum per participant tracking down Tokada.
- Once he is found he goes crazy and attacks you.
- Each participant loses 5 chakra per post.
- Tokada has 150 chakra, post this at the bottom of each post.
- Defeat him before you lose all chakra.

[color=#FF9933][b]Reward:[/b][/color] 2000 ryo per participant, Unlocks 'The Rouge Gale [Prestige]'
[color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color] Finish with 50 chakra each and receive 1 Council Token per participant.

[center][b]Exploration and Group[/b][/center]

[center][size=24][b]On the Ark [Exploration][/b][/size][/center]

[color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color] Within the Ark
[color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color] D
[color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] None

[color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color] Even though centuries have passed there are still large parts of the island that are undiscovered. Previous expeditions into these areas have turned up valuable clues into the nature of the Ark itself. The Council has deemed it necessary that more shinobi be assigned to scouting out these areas. You are to take some supplies and spend some time exploring the island.

[color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color]

-Each post you lose 20 chakra.
-At 0 chakra the topic will end and the mission is deemed complete.
-Limit of 500 words per post.

[color=#FF9933][b]Reward:[/b][/color] 1 ryo for each word.

[color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color] When 4000 words is reached, unlocks 'Within the Ark II [Exploration]'

[center][size=24][b]Retrieve the Bell [Group][/b][/size][/center]

[color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color] Retrieve the Bell
[color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color] D
[color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] D rank, have not done 'Retrieve the Bell [Group]'

[color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color] A simple test right? Wrong. You have been assigned a test as new Genin to try and retrieve a bell from the waist of a Jonin instructor. You are to work together as a group and try to get it!

[color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color]
- minimum post length of 200 words
- Each post you take 10 damage.
- If at least one group member survives 20 posts and you claim the bell. You must also deal 100 damage collectively.
- If you all fall to 0 chakra before 20 posts

- If Bell claimed: One D rank jutsu for free.
- If Bell not claimed : 1000 ryo.

[color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color] If 250 damage dealt the reward becomes one free C rank.


[center][size=24][b]The Rouge Gale [Prestige][/b][/size][/center]

[color=#FF9933][b]Name:[/b][/color] The Rouge Gale
[color=#FF9933][b]Rank:[/b][/color] D
[color=#FF9933][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] Completed 'A Looming Threat III', D/C Rank

[color=#FF9933][b]Description:[/b][/color] Akama Shikazu. Chuunin, or he was before he murdered his squad and fled the village. They found the bodies lacerated and dangling from a tree on the far side of the island. The Council wants Akama to pay and has ordered you to retrieve him. He is a competent user of Fuuton jutsu and is notoriously hard to pin down in one place, several teams have already been sent and have failed to detain him. You have been selected because of your previous accomplishments to make another attempt. The Council has lost their patience, find Akama and bring him to them, they aren't concerned whether he comes back with blood in his veins or not.

[color=#FF9933][b]Mission Rules:[/b][/color]
-Minimum word count of 300 words per post.
-3 posts of tracking down Akama
-Akama has 250 chakra, post this amount at the bottom of each participant's post.
-Once found you begin to take 10 damage a post.
-Rp yours and Akama's actions, if you land a technique deduct the damage from Akama.
-When Akama reaches 50 chakra each participant loses 20 chakra per post.
-Complete the mission within 20 posts

[color=#FF9933][b]Reward:[/b][/color] All rewards are split between participants.
- 5 Council Tokens
- 10000 ryo
- One use item x3
- Unlocks 'Galeborn Bandits I [Story]'

[color=#FF9933][b]Milestone:[/b][/color] If completed

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Stormy Beginnings
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