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 Tsuaki Kagayaku

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PostSubject: Tsuaki Kagayaku   Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:03 am


Tsukai Kagayaku

Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Kagayaku, Tsukai
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Elemental Affinity: Chi (Blood)

Rank: Genin

Use this section to tell us what your character looks like. If you have provided an image above only the Face Claim section is compulsory

Face Claim: Akihiko Sanada, Persona 4 Arena
Weight, Height: 6'0" , 185 lbs.
Other Characteristics: Tsuaki is a very strong built person who does nothing more than train almost everyday, but prefers to do it at night. On his chest shows three large claw scars that he received when he was being a little too cocky with a monster. Also around his neck he wears what appears to be a long and ragged red cape that has a hood attached to it.

If you are going to be part of a clan simply copy and past the information from the Clan page here.

Bloodline: Kagayaku
Bloodline Ability: A person who born into the Kagayaku Clan are born with a much higher amount of Red Blood Cells than any other normal human being. With these extra RBCs in their bodies, the Kagayaku are able to manipulate their own blood cells to exit out their body and take a solid form such as a sword or a shield. This weapon that is created from their own blood supply is called their Ketsueki. There have been known to be four different kinds of Ketsueki known to the Kagayaku clan, each of them appearing in different shapes, sizes, and possessing their own abilities as well. A distinguishable feature to the Kagayaku clan is that in order to release their blood and form the Ketsueki, they must first activate their Kakugan. The Kakugan is a manifestation of both the Kagayaku's eyes. The pupils in both eyes turn red while the sclera turns black. While activated, it can be seen that multiple blood vessels bulge around the eye.

The four known Ketsueki are as follows along with their appearance and abilities below.


Types of Ketsueki
Name of KetsuekiUinguShirudoHakari
DescriptionA Kagayaku who's Ketsueki falls under the type known as Uingu are fastest. The blood released from their bodies exits from above the shoulder blades where it takes the form of a wing in appearance. This wing doesn't technically mean the Kagayaku can fly but they can use them to almost glide through the air. Uingu Ketsueki allow the user to move with fluid like movements, quickly coming in for an attack, withdrawing, and coming back in for another attack before the opponent has time to react. The down side to using this Ketsueki for too long is that the endurance of the user is very low and can become fatigued very quickly. This causes the cooldown periods to be a lot longer before the Kagayaku can reuse there Ketsueki again in battle.The Shirudo are known to be the most sturdiest and strong Ketsueki. The amount of iron content inside of the Kagayaku's body is almost tripled in amount. This causes the Ketsueki to take on a more metallic appearance and are the only Ketsueki to actually look solid. The shapes that these Ketsueki take on vary and generally are used for shielding themselves or allies from enemy attacks, usually appearing as some sort of shield as the blood exits the body below the shoulders. The downside of these large and robust Ketsueki is that they are extremely heavy to the user due to the large amounts of blood that is needed to be released. A person who has possesion over the Shirudo Ketsueki usually takes many years in order for one's body to have full control over it and wield it successfully. The Hakari type Ketsueki are the most prominent when it comes to offense and are generally the sharpest. The blood released by the Kagayaku exit around the waist that takes the form of a tentacle of sorts, usually pointed at the end. The Hakari are sometimes said to look like they have scales covering the outside of the Ketsueki. Kagayaku who have this type generally treat these as swords, whips, and lances. Battle style of the Hakari generally involve slashing and stabbing at the opponent with their long and slender tentacles. The downside of the Hakari is their brittleness and how easily it is to break the Katsueki. When the Ketsueki is broken, it will slowly take time for it to repair itself but it takes up a lot of the Kagayaku's energy. The last known type of Ketsueki is called the Teru. The blood exits the body around the tail bone causing the user to look like they have a fluid like tail. The Teru Ketsueki are known to be the more rare/uncommon type but yet generally have no strengths or weaknesses, said to be an all-around type. Known Teru users are said to use their Ketsueki like hooks and hands in order to grab objects and toss them aside or perhaps to launch themselves into the air.

When a person has activated the Kakugan, the user's stats also receive a small boost depending on the rank of the Kagayaku and the type of Ketsueki chosen. Uingu Kagayaku receive a stat boost to their speed, Shirudo to their defenses, Hakari to their offense, and Teru receive half the amount to all stats. When talking about ranks, a Genin would receive a +1 stat boost to the designated stat, Chuunin receive a +2, and the rest increases by one as the Kagayaku increases in rank. Another thing to take note is that each Ketsueki has a maximum length of four feet at the rank of a Genin, resulting the Ketsueki to grow by one foot as one climbs the ranks. The drawback however, to using the Kakugan is crucial. The Kakugan uses large amounts of blood in order to form the Ketsueki and only about a quarter of the blood used is actually returned to the body. With this is mind, it is hard for a Kagayaku of the Genin rank to use their Kakugan more than twice in one battle but can keep it active for long periods. As the Kagayaku slowly climbs the ranks, one will be able to use their Kakugan more and more often. The member must also make an effort on their part to restore the blood that was lost through usually eating larger meals than one would normally eat, preferably consuming large amounts of meat. One who fails to resupply themselves suffer from dizziness, fatigue, and succumbing to illness if nothing is devoured right away.

History of Clan: No one is quite sure how the Kagayaku came about or where exactly they got their powers from. Many believe that legend says they were spawns of the darkness itself, coming from the dark depths below and wipe man out of existence. The truth is that the Kagayaku have been alive ever since chakra was first created. It wasn't until the founder of the Kagayaku clan came across a forgotten scroll that was seen to not have been read. People believe that the man had awaken a new darkness that was suppose to be left undiscovered. However, the man grew curious in these ways of the manipulation of blood. In his current state, the man had not enough blood within his body to fully master the technique for the power of the Kakugan was needed to awaken with a large supply of blood. The man tried numerous things so he could try and awaken the Kakugan, slowly beginning to create a small group of followers who as well wished for the odd power of the Kakugan.

Years passed and yet no one had yet obtained the ability to manipulate their own blood. However, the founding father of the Kagayaku had a son who was born under the light of a new moon and was said to have eyes of the dark side of the moon with crimson pupils. The man's son had finally inherited the power from him and he could finally lead his people on. The founding father taught his son all he knew about how to control and manipulate the powers of the Kakugan.

Many years began to fly by until the Kagayaku became a full clan, discovering new things about themselves as well. Usually a Kagayaku member only lived to be around the age of 45 due to the extreme amounts of blood loss. Until recently it was discovered that the Kagayaku had the ability to refuel their blood supply by consuming blood of animals. At first the idea was gory and sickening to most, but some were willing to try. They first began to eat meat that was not fully cooked and still had some blood left in it. Many said they could feel their energy slowly returning to them and could eat twice as much food as an ordinary person.

The Kagayaku to this day prefer to keep their identities a secret from society for many Kagayaku are shunned by their blood manipulation a and their constant need of bloody meats. Despite about what rumors are made about the Kagayaku, they really are a gentle group of people who look at life as merely a way of survival of the fittest. Many go on through life under the belief that the weak only live to benefit the strong. They don't say this as a way to boast their powers but merely stating that in order to live and continue living, one must consume the life forces of others.

[i]Below you will flesh out who your character is. What have they done up until this point in their story? What makes them tick on the inside? What do they hope for and what do they fear? In the Character History section you are expected to have at least 400 words of history written for each successive rank.

Character History: Tsukai is nothing more than just a dedicated and hard worker when it came to being a shinobi. The majority of his free time had always been spent training by himself where he could go at his own pace. He would always spend hours running across the shore of the sandy beaches and would always try to scale up the treacherous rocks and ridges. Tsukai had always heard stories of great shinobi who were powerful and mighty and he made it his dream to become a legendary shinobi like the ones he heard in the stories. Tsukai started out as a Genin rather late so he could have himself already in top shape, believing he would be able to climb the ranks to Chuunin quicker than the rest.
As he was a young child, Tsukai was raised by a loving father and mother who belonged to the Kagayaku clan. When it came to training, it was mostly his mother that taught him the ways of being a shinobi and how to control his powers. Tsukai’s father was mostly out and about with missions and such, but never let a moment pass by when he was home so he could be around his only son. It was from his mother that Tsukai learned to be a passionate and dedicated man. She told him that as long as your will burns bright and you are strong enough, nothing can stand in your way when it comes to accomplishing your dream. Tsukai took these words from his mother and his father’s wisdom and kept them within his heart. That was all the motivation he needed to see his dream come through.
Now there has been sometimes where Tsukai tends to become rather cocky and stupid. For the most part Tsukai still is having trouble realizing that only one man can accomplish so much. He tried to take on challenges that would be almost impossible for a Genin, such as taking on a wild animal by himself. The result almost cost him his life but the only souvenir he received was a scolding from both his parents and a large scar from the animal’s claws. Presently, Tsuaki is still the same old strong and determined young adult who still can get stupid and cocky from time to time. Now he has seen some insight that strength alone and a strong will can only take you so far. He tries to help around as much as possible and is willing to help anyone in need.  

Personality: Tsukai’s red cape was flew behind him as he jogged down a steep hill, the wind blowing hard into his face. He did this often as an experiment to see if running down a steep hill could perhaps increase his speed. For the first few seconds things seemed to be going well until his eyes failed to see a root sticking up from the ground. Tsukai’s left foot tripped over the root and he cursed to himself silently as he practically did a front flip in the air. Keeping with his built up motion, Tsukai tucked his head to his chest and smoothly rolled out of the fall and stopped himself as he got up onto one knee. With this being his fourth attempt at his little exercise for the day, Tsukai had enough falling for once and decided to return home.
Tsukai took off in a light sprint and kept a mental timer in his head and in around five minutes, Tsukai found himself in the streets of their village. He looked at the sun that was still out and made a mental calculation on how much time it took him. Not bad. Tsukai began to take in deep breathes to try and calm and relax his body as he made his walk back home. After a minute or two of walking, Tsukai began to wander into the busier part of the village where the markets were laid out. People were busy running back and forth to vendors trying to get their hands on the best deal. Up ahead, Tsuaki spotted an elderly lady trying to carry a large bag stuffed full of fruits, breads, and flowers. The lady seemed to have trouble seeing in front of her and she was beginning to wobble, looking like she might fall any second! Tsukai immediately saw what would happen next if he didn’t act quickly and leapt towards the elderly lady. She was slowly beginning to fall backwards but Tsukai arrived just in time, placing his right hand to support her back and his left hand around the large brown bag. Here allow me.
The older lady was surprised by his actions but soon greeted Tsukai with a smile. Why thank you young man, who knows what could have happened if you hadn’t showed up. Tsukai merely smiled back at the lady. It’s nothing really, always glad to help out. Lead the way. Tsukai took the bag into his arms and followed the elderly lady back to her home. When they arrived the old lady turned to Tsukai, I can’t thank you enough young man, here take this as a little thank you from me. Tsukai saw the woman begin to reach into a pouch and pull out some money. Tsukai set the bag down and with both of his rough hands, closed the woman’s hand around the money. There’s no need for that. If one were to be rewarded for every nice thing, there would be no love our actions. Tsukai smiled at the lady and the lady smiled back to him letting out a little laugh.  Oh aren’t you just the sweetest thing. Go on now, I can take it from here. Tsukai turned and waved to the lady as he began to return home.
The lady continued to watch Tsukai as he left and felt a small tear of happiness falling down her cheeks. The boy’s got his father’s wisdom and his mother’s heart. Guess all Kagayaku aren’t so that bad after all.

This last bit here is optional, but encouraged. This section will help you flesh out your character more. You may make it a list for do it in a paragraph.

Likes: Meat, working out, winning fights
Dreams and Desires: To surpass his limits in strength and speed.
Dislikes: Not doing anything productive with his time
Fears: Hates spiders
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuaki Kagayaku   Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:05 am

Ready for evaluation
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuaki Kagayaku   Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:20 am

Alright man you know how things go with us, character is approved and good to go, just dont use your clan stuff till that gets approved. Have fun.

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Tsuaki Kagayaku
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