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 Elements and Specializations.

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Elements and Specializations.  Empty
PostSubject: Elements and Specializations.    Elements and Specializations.  EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 7:46 pm

Each character starts with one basic element free. A second is gained when you achieve B rank. Extra elements can be obtained through additional traits.

Basic Elements:

Doton (Earth)
Raiton (Lightning)
Fuuton (Wind)
Katon (Fire)
Suiton (Water)

Advanced Elements can be acquired in tow ways. The first is through a Trait. The second is through a clan. Please be aware that custom clans are expected to have more identity than just an advanced element. If you want to take an advanced element just to use the techs we suggest you simply acquire the trait.

Advanced Elements:

Enton (Blaze: Fire + Lightning)
Ranton (Storm: Lightning + Water)
Futton (Boil: Fire + Water)
Mokuton (Wood: Water + Earth)
Hyōton (Ice: Water + Wind)
Jinton (Dust: Earth + Wind)
Shōton (Crystal: Earth + Lightning)
Yōton (Lava: Earth + Fire)



Specialisations are unlocked when you reach B rank, where you are able to choose one. At each successive rank you are able to take one more. Choosing a Specialisation allows you to use jutsu up to S rank and provides the following benefits.

List of Benefits

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Elements and Specializations.
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