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 Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure)

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Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 549188_544456815588822_113678879_n

[Yamigakure: Academy Days]

"Today, maybe today will be a good day."

Kabuto Karakaro was like any other ordinary kid. He tried to learn the jujitsu like all of the other Konoha Students but never got the hang of it. He was an outcast, but because he always met the minimun requirement, no one really payed attention to him, like Naruto. Naruto was a screw-up, everyone laughed at his mistakes, but not Kabuto. Kabuto was different.

Kabuto was a rasied from a family from elsewhere. He got away the first chance he got. He never spoke about his parents. Possibly because they let him in Konoha. Kabuto had one dream. His dream was to create a place where all ninja like him, the rejects, the mess-ups, could live and not feel out of place. Now was not the time, today, he had class.

Today he would finally use some jitsu he learned. He never quite mastered anything. Kabuto was only good at one thing, copying the other ninja's tricks. Kabuto always observed, he was a quiet one. He never spoke out of turn. As a kid he didn't look so much different. He was one of them.

"Kabuto! Wake up!"

It was his brother. Kabuto was asleep. He opened his eyes and rubbed his face. He looked at his companion rather closely.

"Kabuto! You're going to be late for your Chunin Exam!!"

Today was the day that Kabuto would head into the Forest of Death.


Kabuto's older brother was a graduate of anothe class. His brother was just a few years older than he. Kabuto got up, grabbed all he could and packed it into his bag. He ran out the door. This was not the day to be late.

"I'm glad Brother was there! I wonder who my team will be. I hope I'm not too late."

On the way to the forest Kabuto started to remember the days of being a kid. Today he might have to kill a classmate.


Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 563269_546152825419221_780641090_n

[Yamigakure: Forest of Death]

"Shini Chikai!! Kusatta Karada!!"

Kabuto Karakaro arrived to the school doors. He was out of breath and found his friends.

"Kabuto, Glad you could make it. You're actually early." Said Shini.
"WHAT?!""Kabuto... It was your borther... wasn't it?" Asked Kusatta
"Yea, he told me I was late!! Anyway, we might as well take the test. Hey, let's do this honorably. We mustn't cheat. I heard everyone going to try to do that." Said Kabuto
"What is it, Shini?" Asked Kusatta
"Well I got these scrolls, I thought we could learn this jitsu really quick before class."
Kabuto grabbed the scrolls from Shini. He opened one of the 3.
"Communitcation Jitsu? Won't they hear us? Shini, we're better than this."
"Kabuto, but it could be useful later on, don't you think?" responded Shini.

Each of them took a scroll. They read the signs together. Within a matter of time the school was opened and all three of them mastered the quick communication jitsu. They entered the classroom and took their seats. Each one looked at their test.
Shini couldn't answer a single question. Kusatta found the same fate.
Kabuto finished his test and started to doodle in the margins of the page. He had learned all of these answers from his brother, someone who he had full trust in.
Kabuto started to hear a voice. "Help me... help me..." He looked around. No one seemed to be speaking, but Shini was staring at him. "Help me..." It said again.

(Shini, what is it?)
[Kabuto, what are these answers?! We never learned this!!]
{I thought we weren't cheating!}
(Kusatta, Shini, you really don't know these answers?)
{No, where did you find this out?}
[Aoi Sensei never taught us anything.]
{Shini! Don't say that!}[Well it's true Kusatta.]
(Hey, look. You see that student? Wait, no, there's two of them.)
{Who-}[Hey, they aren't from our class.]
(This must be a test.)
[Kabuto, this IS A TEST.]
{No, i think what Kabuto is saying is that we're being tested on how we find out this information.}
[Kabuto? KABUTO!]
(Sorry, I was drawing a bunny.)

At that very moment Team Kabuto learned what this test really was. Kabuto has answered all of his questions honorably. Shini and Kusatta learned what they must do to obtain information. Kabuto told them to find the first few answers. If they were right, he would tell them all of the answers.
Needless to say, Team Kabuto passed.
Towards the end of the test, (and much doodling later) Anko Mitarashi opened the door and made an appearance... just a tad early. The team later traveled to the Forty-Fourth Training Ground. Also known as "The Forest of Death."Team Kabuto arrived after grabbing some more things. Kabuto passed out some dumplings that he had made the day before. He gave them to his team to celebrate the completion of their first test.
Kabuto Karakaro was wearing his trademark coat. He had his headband to the side of his head as always. He wore a new face covering today. Kusatta had on a traditional kunochi outfit. She had on her black scarf and her gloves. Shini wore similar attire, the only difference being the colors. Shini and Kusatta had been childhood friends. It was not long ago that they came across Kabuto. Shini knew about how Kusatta felt about-

"Hey, you know what else I have?" Said Kusatta
"Oh? Is it in that bag?" Asked Kabuto.
"Hey, lovebirds. Shut up, Anko is about to tell us about this training-ground" said Shini
"Lovebirds?" said Kabuto slowly.
They stood in silence as they heard the rules of The Forest of Death.
They watched as Anko threw a kunai at Naruto. An odd looking ninja had picked up the said kunai.
"That Naruto, always getting into trouble." said Shini
"You have to admin though, he is pretty strong though." Kabuto inputed
"Kabuto, that's because of the spirit of the nine-"
"Kusatta, shh!"
"Yes Shini..."

They learned about the rules of the two scrolls. There was a Heaven and an Earth scroll. In order to proceed to the next part, they would have to collect both scrolls. That wasn't the only rule. If their team could not make it to the center tower they would be disqualified. There was many teams, and many ninja would die this day.
Kabuto told both Shini and Kusatta to sign the papers acknowledging that they may kill, as well as be killed. The team talked over strategy as well as examined other teams. Kusatta had brought a gift for Kabuto. It was a mask. Kabuto has taken the mask and thanked Kusatta. Kusatta told him that she learned the art of mask making as well as enchantment. Shini said that that mask should boost detection of other ninja. Kusatta called it the "Detect Mask".

"See, and it has six letters too, Kabuto!" Kusatta blushed.
"Yea," said Kabuto, "Thank you, I'll use it when we start okay?"

This was the start of Kabuto's adventure.

Who knows what may lie in The Forest of Death?

Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 18888410

[Yamigakure: Flashbacking]
Team Kabuto was sitting together in the open. They were patiently waiting to receive their scrolls. They were all eager to start right away, but at the same time scared.

"Shini," Started Kabuto, "I have something to say."
"Oh?" Shini was very slow at speaking.
"Whatever happens in there, I hope we all can remain a team. In there it's about survival, y'know?"
"Oh, of course"
"Since it will be about stealth, we should make ourselves as least visible as possible."
"What do you mean, Kabuto?" Asked Kusatta. She seemed to admire Kabuto's role of leadership.
“Both of you." Kabuto pointed at Kusatta and Shini, "You need to remove those scarves. They will most likely give our position away. If you would like I can carry them in my bag."

They both took off the scarves and handed them over.

"You're... You're right Kabuto. I believe..." Kusatta stopped.
"Is there something you want to add Kusatta?" Kabuto looked questionably at Kusatta.
"Oh, it's just that-"

--"It's time for the scroll exchange!"--

Kabuto and Kusatta looked up to see Shini eager and ready to get the scrolls.

"The faster we get them, the faster we can finish this!"

So the team got ready and got in line.

The team received the Heaven scroll. Kabuto looked at it as he was handed the scroll. He remembered the story his brother told him:
“When I was in the academy we had one of the largest classes. I remember who got each scroll. One of my teammates had a Jitsu to reveal the scrolls of every ninja there. Now that I look back it seems like more of a coincidence. Every team that suffered a death had the Heaven Scroll, everyone that had a difficult path had the Earth Scroll. It was weird how things worked out. My team sucked at navigating. We had the Earth Scroll of course."

"Hey Kusatta, what scroll did we get?”
“The... White one?"
"So, the heaven one?" Kusatta asked.

They all traveled to their gate and awaited the start of the exam. They knew many of their classmates will not survive. They know that they may have to kill their friends to pass and to survive. These three would embark on a journey that would last up to 5 long days. They would learn to kill or be killed. Team Kabuto would today have to break their vow of peace. Today they will kill.

Kabuto looked at his friends beside him.
”Shini, Kusatta, no matter what happens in there… we’ll always be friends right?”
”Right.” Said both Kusatta and Shini

Kabuto looked deep beyond what he could see past the gate. He was already forming a plan.

”We stick together when this gate opens. We get in as fast as possible. If we get separated collect the scrolls and meet at the tower. The faster we finish this test, the less people we’ll have to kill.”

At that moment the gates opened.
“I didn’t hear them say it!!”
Even though Kusatta was worried they all stuck to the plan and rushed in.

The trio tried to advance as much ground as possible. They moved in a formation that covered their front, rear, and above. They spun in unison as they awaited another team to appear and attack.

“Shini, remember what Master Aoi said?”
“Kusatta, he abandoned us. Nothing he said mattered.”
“Shini, it was to always watch your surroundings.”
“And what does that have to do with-“

Kabuto yelled at them as a massive hole appeared from the ground. Whomever set this trap must have done it very quickly. As they stumbled across the trap Shini took off in another direction. He plan must have been to divert the attention. Kusatta rushed to Kabuto and they stood back to back.

(Kusatta, I need you to hide yourself and get ready to back me up.)
[I’ll be in the trees.]

At this moment Kabuto was glad they had a way of communicating without revealing information to their opponents. Kabuto planned to contact Shini but he had no response.

From the trees jumped out two Hidden Cloud ninja. From the hole another leaped out at Kabuto. He was surrounded on all sides by these three ninja. Kabuto was able to keep contact with each of them thanks to his Detect Mask.

The three ninja stood eager to counter Kabuto’s first move. Kabuto knew they would wait for an opening and execute him at the given moment. Kabuto knew the basic jitsus like Transformation and substitution. Kabuto had not learned many Ninjitsu Techniques besides one he had learned from his brother that he later altered with observations from watching other shinobi.

Kabuto lifted his right hand to his face. He reached to the center of his back with his left hand. With his left hand he made a fist. His other hand was half a handsign.

“It’s over. Hand over the scroll or face our fury!!”
“Hidden Jitsu: Kaseki Shell!”

Kabuto formed a large dome around his entire being. He became a giant shell. He was encased in a massive armor. The ninja ran at him hoping to break the barrier between them and success. From within the dome Kabuto spoke once more.

”Kaseki Break!”

The giant dome shell cracked completely and burst. The shell had shattered into an abundance of sharp pieces of rock and dirt. Each ninja was struck to the ground with the might of the mini-explosion from the shell.

Kabuto calmly walked over to each ninja’s fallen body and began to search them for equipment. The first body he searched had a scroll.

“Kabuto, what is it?”
”… a Heaven Scroll. These ninja fought for a grade and we killed them. What’s the point?”
“Kabuto… I…”
“You’re right Kusatta… you’re always right.”
”What you said before. What you said the day we first met.”
“Oh… Kabuto.”

They continued to search the remaining bodies. They managed to scavenge many kunai, stars and food pellets. Kabuto and Kusatta decided that they would rest that night. Kabuto was already exhausted from expelling incredible amounts of chakra from his body. What Kusatta didn’t know, was that the technique was forbidden.

The next day Kabuto awoke to a frightening sound from beyond the trees. He awoke Kusatta. He was prepared to fight once more, this time with more thought. From behind the slowly falling green leaves was a silhouette. It got closer. As Kabuto readied himself for battle he found out who it was. It was Shini.

“Hey guys, guess what I got!”

Shini showed both of them what she had been carrying in her hand. She revealed that she had both the Heaven and Earth scroll. Kabuto asked where she had gotten them from. Shini told them that she did not fight at all. Shini simply stumbled across a few teams that had been killed by the creatures of the forest. With the 2 scrolls the team continued on their path to the tower in the center.


“I remember the day we were in the forest of death. Kabuto and Shini were my friends. They would do anything for me. We were all very different people. Shini Chikai had come from a family that had a past of being very powerful but very disconnected from each other. Shini had never met her father or mother. She was orphaned by an assassin who was in search of something her family didn’t have. Kabuto Karakaro was a very interesting person. Not many people know much about him. Even though I was on his team I hadn’t known more than anyone else. People say that he lives with another ninja who he calls his brother. They say they aren’t even related. Some say that his family name is a combination of both his brother’s and his own. Kabuto wasn’t the best ninja, but he always did what was best. He went against the rules to protect his friends. I liked that. I am Kusatta Karada. I am of the Karada Clan. All Karada have been taught the skill of enchantment. I have learned that skill long ago, and I have given many enchanted things to my friends.

I can’t say we were the rejects of out school, but we were the misfits. In the eyes of others we were just an orphan, a psychopath and a quiet girl. We would just be casualties of war. The bond we formed with each other changed that. We trusted each other. We put our lives in each other’s hands. I trust Shini with my life. I trust Kabuto with my heart.

I remember the time we were in the Forest of Death. Everything in this world seemed to appear as something it wasn’t, but not this.

Nothing really happened in there until the 2nd day. That was the day our team changed forever. We had awoken after Kabuto defended us from a team of ninja. Kabuto used a mysterious Jitsu that hurt him in the end. He tried to hide his injuries. Maybe he didn’t feel the pain… Kabuto never feels pain. Shini had ran off and collected both the Heaven and Earth Scroll. Because we had more than enough Heaven Scrolls and one Earth Scroll we figured that we must be in good favor. We decided to try and finish early and go to the central tower.

We had began walking for about an hour before Shini started to complain. Kabuto argued with her for a bit then we all decided to rest. After all, no one was around. We sat on the ground and enjoyed the view. We were able to see a waterfall from where we were. It wasn’t until a few minutes that one of us finally spoke.

“Someone is coming. It’s a team. They aren’t hostile.” Kabuto spoke

At that moment 3 Konoha ninja came from the road. They were al in similar attire. They each wore purple garments and bandages. Two had one face coverings. All of them had round glasses. The two with the face coverings also had on bandanas, the other one has white hair.

“How are you enjoying life?” The white-haired one asked.
“Fine, and you?” Kabuto answered
“Good. It’s nice to see that we Konoha are doing fine.”
“Yes, same to you.”
“I haven’t seen you around, what is your name?” The white-haired one seemed to smile
“My name is Kabuto.”

The White-Haired kid was surprised at this, then he said:
“I am also Kabuto.”
“Small world.”
“Well have you seen any other Konoha ninja?”
”No, I’m sorry.” Kabuto reached towards his back and said, “It’s best you leave now.”

The white-haired Kabuto left with his team. As soon as they were out of sight we continued on our journey. The next few hours were spent walking and pointing at things. A large amount of time passed before something else occurred.

We came across two ninja. Each wore a cloak. One had on a black one while the other had on a white. They were leaned over a body on the ground. They were completely silent until Kabuto spoke up.

”Hey, what are you people doing?”

The ninja turned around. Each wore a mask. The one in the black had a light colored mask with blue stripes as the other had a darker color mask with red stripes.

Kabuto was ready to unleash a new attack on these people for our safety, but he noticed something. He turned to us and we knew. That body was one of there own.

The one in the black cloak identified himself as Shīrudo Menimienai. The other said he was Masuku Mahō. They were both known for their skills of poisons and concealment. It seems today it backfired.

Shīrudo told us that his friend was testing a new toxin when they were attacked. Masuku told them that the ninja showed no mercy. The ninja did not fight for a scroll, they fought for a kill. Shīrudo and Masuku had a few scrolls they collected.

“The attack was quick and brutal.” Masuku told us.
“They came at all angles. It must have been a few teams.” Added Shīrudo.
“When did this all happen?” I asked.
”It… It… I don’t know. Brother, do you know?”
“I am afraid not Masuku.” Said Shīrudo

At that very moment I felt a quick, instant and painful burst in my neck. I fell to the ground. I had gone unconscious. From the ground I could hear the screams of battle.

The next moment I regained consciousness we were at the tower. Kabuto held both me and Shini in his arms. He had gotten us there. Kabuto had the masks of Shīrudo and Masuku. I remember hearing some of what was said.

”… but you cannot, I am sorry. You will be honored…”

The next time I awoke I was at home. My mother was beside me. She said that I sent Kabuto on a mission. She said I must have said something in my previous state. She said he was destroyed. He spoke to no one. His brother left on a mission. Every day Kabuto was at my side waiting me to return to full health.

“Mother, where is Shini? How is she doing.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look.

“Kusatta, Shini Chikai is dead.”

Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 601441_553338774700626_1779867327_n

[Yamigakure: Gift of the Forbidden Seals]

It was nightfall. It was a dead silent night. The stars shined with a newfound spirit. Something out there was watching. Soon we would know of its identity.

“I would be honored for my bravery? Hmph, I’ll show them one day…”

Kabuto went against all rules to believe in what he thought to be right. He would not let his friends die for nothing. He would help those who cannot, and he would not care if they noticed. He would collect masks in honor of his past. He would remember Shini forever. Kusatta knew how to enchant objects, it was her Hiden Jitsu. Kusatta had promised to show him one day, perhaps even to teach him. One day that time will come.

Kabuto had been denied entry to the next stage of the Academy because he had let his comrade die. Kabuto would learn from his mistake and take up knowledge of proper healing techniques. Because of Shini Kabuto had learned very useful skills from Anbu Shinobi. Kabuto had learned many Healer-Nin Jitsus, but he was not skilled enough to become one. He had learned some Anbu skills from his older brother Tao. He remembers the day he came home to find his brother home from training. That was the day he was supposed to be a full Anbu. He remembers the conversation.

”The only reason I didn’t become an Anbu was because I was supposed to carry out a certain mission. They wanted me to kill someone.”
“Tao, who was it? Were they from the village?”
”Yes, they were a Konoha ninja. He was very close to me… and you.”

Kabuto stood on the rooftops of Konoha. In his hand he held a scroll. His mission was to retrieve the scroll from a hidden place outside of the village for his friend Kusatta. Kabuto was very eager to open the scroll, but it was sealed. He figured it must be something very personal to Kusatta. He believed that if he was meant to read the scroll then Kusatta will let him. Right now it was his priority to get the scroll to Kusatta.

Kabuto took quick and quiet steps on the Konoha rooftops. He did not wish to disturb any of the residents or to alert any guards. Kabuto wore his Detect mask just so he would be wary of his surroundings. As Kabuto jumped roof to roof he was closing in to Kusatta’s home. Her house was hidden from the main road in the village. She would be inside waiting. In a matter of minutes Kabuto arrived.

Kabuto stood in front of the door and looked up the multiple story building. He pushed the door and it opened. He peered inside and called for his friend.

”Kusatta? Kusatta?” Kabuto whispered.
“Over here.”

Kabuto followed the voice to a door with a faint light beneath it. He opened the door.

Kusatta was facing a suit of armor with candlelight around her. The room was empty. Along the walls were assorted weapons. Above the samurai armor there was two large swords. Under the swords was a symbol that meant “Imprisonment”. Kusatta sat with her head down and her hair in her face. Even though her face was hidden Kabuto could tell she was crying. In front of her was a dark colored box.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kabuto
“Ka… Kabuto, I understand you are going to leave. I know it is the best choice for you. Because of your other choices I may live on. I hope you may have a safe journey. I want to do all that I can to help you. I… I made you something.”

Kusatta paused, and then she reached forward to the box. As Kusatta reached in Kabuto took a few steps into the room and quietly sat down at his friend’s side. Kusatta pulled out a very odd looking mask. The mask was white with two eye holes and three blue triangles on it. The biggest triangle was downward on the forehead, the other 2 were on the cheeks of the mask. Kusatta handed the mask over to Kabuto. Kabuto reached for the mask. When Kabuto held the mask it changed colors. Kabuto held a gray mask with a black mouth with four purple teeth.

“Huh? Kusatta, what is this?”
“Kabuto, this mask will only change to fit you. It will change to fit your needs at the time you wear it. Right now it is in its Marker form. As you learn more skills it too will learn more forms.”
“Kusatta, I couldn’t thank you enough-“
”Each form has… different abilities.”
“Thank you Kusatta.”
“… As times change so will the mask. This mask will last forever… just… like my lo-“
“Kusatta, thank you.”
“Kabuto.” Kusatta looked at Kabuto’s eyes then quickly looked down. “I just want you to know-“
“Kusatta, I will always come back to see you. I will never leave forever. I will never forget this.”

Kabuto held up the scroll in his hand. He handed it over to Kusatta. Kusatta thanked him and opened the scroll. Within it held very strange markings and handsigns Kabuto had never seen. Kusatta explained that it was a very sacred, and a much forbidden jitsu. This jitsu was incomplete and was a minor absorption jitsu. She offered to show him the jitsu. Kabuto took up the offer but requested to learn the handsigns for now. He did not wish to practice any jitsu on his friend, no matter how insignificant the damage is.

Within an hour Kabuto had learned the forbidden jitsu. He had practiced absorbing and releasing it onto objects such as the armor and weapons. Kusatta explained that there were other parts to the jitsu but they were unknown to her. He said that Kabuto would have to practice on another ninja to figure out the missing pieces. Kusatta said that when the full jitsu of Sealing was executed the user will gain more chakra along with other skills.

“Why have you taught me this, Kusatta?”
“I… I hope one day… I can explain why I do all of this, Kabuto. Now take the scroll and either hide or destroy it. It has no more purpose anymore. Kabuto you must hurry if you wish to follow tho-”
“Kusatta, it can wait. Right now you are my priority.”
“Oh… Kabuto.”
“Well, it’s too late for me to sleep now. I’m going to get some ramen. Kusatta would you care to join me?”
”Kabuto, I must rest. I hope you understand.”
”Yes. You are right. I must go.”

Kabuto hesitated to leave. He stood in the doorway. He wanted to look back but couldn’t bring himself to.

”Yes Kusatta, what is it?”
”I know where he went.”
“What do you mean?”
”He went to the Land of Waves. You must hurry, he could be in danger.”
“Kusatta, thank yo for telling me.”
”Kabuto, one more thing-“
“Don’t get hurt. I would never forgive myself... I know that you-“
“Kusatta, get some rest, I will leave in the morning.”
Kabuto took one more step out the doorway and said one last thing.
“Kusatta, you’re going with me.”

Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 72386_554684031232767_1513922994_n

[Yamigakure: Kabuto Karakaro – The Journey Begins]

It was morning. Kabuto sat in his room with a book in his hands. Behind his was a tall stack of books surrounded by other books. Kabuto had been researching Kekkei Genkai. He had an interest in mainly the eye Kekkei Genkai. Kabuto finished the book and put it aside. He reached into his bag on the floor. He pulled out some ink and cloth. He inked a circle and colored it in with a fading purple. He added some symbols on the cloth. He cut the cloth with a kunai and set the eye cutouts on his jacket. He pulled out a needle and thread and began to sew on the design. He read more books as it began to dry. As he finished another book he decided he needed something else. He pulled out another piece of black cloth and got his blue ink out. He created another image, much larger than the eyes. He cut out that emblem and sewn it on the back of his jacket.

”This will enhance my skills. Perhaps Kusatta can help me link this to my inner chakra.”

Kabuto put on his new jacket and the mask Kusatta gave him. He was ready for a war. He grabbed his bag and filled it with scrolls of unknown sorts. He figured he would need some of them. They were all small scrolls. He also grabbed the last two books he hadn’t read. He planned to have a little down time. In that time he would learn about other jitsu that ninjas would know.

Kusatta was at home practicing rituals. This would be her first time out of Konoha territory. She was excited and scared, but she knew she would be safe. She knew she would have Kabuto to defend her.

They met up in the center of the village. Kusatta was surprised at Kabuto’s new look. Kusatta linked the jacket to Kabuto’s chakra. She figured that he had used special ink. Kabuto had used an enchantment ability he learned from Shīrudo. In addition he also wore Shīrudo Menimienai’s and Masuku Mahō’s mask on his waist on the side. He would find a use for them. He would need the guidance.

Kusatta wore a new outfit. She was clothed in dark robe. Kusatta was used to wearing simple outfits that were dress-like.

”Kusatta, what are you wearing?”
“Kabuto… I thought we would look similar.”

Kabuto looked at himself. They were both hooded and covered head to toe.

”Kabuto, we are together. We are a team. We are our own village.”
”You’re right. Let’s go.”

Kabuto was surprised at how much Kusatta had changed. She had come out of her shell. As they walked their way to the Land of Waves Kusatta started to open up. She started to tell Kabuto so many things. She explained many things he didn’t understand. Kabuto noticed this. When they were with each other they felt free. They didn’t feel restricted. They trusted each other with their lives.

”The walk was long and tiring. We kept each other company and made it enjoyable. We started to tell each other things that we hadn’t told each other. I started to tell him many things that I only told Shini. I wanted to ask him certain things, but I didn’t because I felt as if the time was poor. Fortunately he answered my unasked questions.

“Yes Kabuto?”
“Do you know who my brother is?”
“His name is Tao right?”
“Yea. He’s not really my brother.”
”What do you mean?”
”When I was younger I ran away from my home. There was so much fighting and hate there. There was never harmony. Neighbor fought against neighbor. There was so much meaningless fighting. Tao’s family lived there as well. We both left to leave the fighting. We couldn’t stand it. We formed a new family. We became “Karakaro”. The name had no meaning. Everyone’s name had a meaning… but we weren’t like anyone. We left behind everything in that place. We don’t even remember our families, we only remember each other. Even though he had each other we felt so alone. Everyone shunned us. Nobody reached out to help us.”
“Kabuto, I will always be here for you.”
”… And I the same for you.”

The time we reached the Land of Waves it was nightfall. The streets were empty. We wandered for a while. I was getting tired but I wouldn’t sleep. I started to sense something, something didn’t belong there. I had to tell Kabuto. Maybe if was his brother, he would know. After we walked for a bit more I felt the same feeling again. I followed it towards the bridge. Kabuto followed me. We walked a bit more around there. We stumbled upon a stone buried in the ground, most of it seemed to be exposed.

”It’s a grave.”
”Who do you think it was?”
“I don’t know. It could be anyone.”
“Is it your brother?”
“No, I would have felt something.”
“You think they were important?”
“Perhaps, they are near the town.”
”You think they were powerful?”
”I guess we’ll never know.”
”Well, maybe…”

Kabuto got into an odd stance I had never seen before. It looked like the Secret Jitsu I had taught him. It seemed that his jacket had possessed his being for the moment. Behind his mask I saw his eyes glow a violet color. The eyes on his hood seemed to spin. It seemed to have a life on its own. Faint lavender light was emitted from the gravestone area. It seemed like Kabuto was bringing back the dead. At that moment Kabuto spoke one thing:

”Forbidden Jitsu: Chakra Leech!”

His voice seemed deeper. The light from all around the grave stopped. Kabuto started to glow a deep blue. Then it all stopped and Kabuto stood there.

”I know… everything.” Kabuto stood and stared in the direction of the grave.
”What do you mean?”
“This boy, his name was Haku?”
”Kabuto… what are you-“
“He was from the Hidden Mist Village. He was brought up by a Missing-Nin who was named Zabuza. Haku had… abilities. I know them all now. I also know his skills.”
“Kabuto… You couldn’t… he was… It only works on the livin-“
“He was… for the time being. I brought him back, and then I returned him. Kusatta, I learned a Kekkei Genkei. No one has ever done that. Kusatta, my Chakra is different, I have a larger amount. If this is from one shinobi, I can only imagine everyone else that I will cross. What power do I contain?”
”Kabuto, forget it… I don’t care. Let’s find your brother.”

Kabuto was an interesting person. He couldn’t remember his past, and he never questioned it. That night we slept in the Land of Waves. We didn’t mind how things were going. We simply accepted things for what they were. Life would take its toll. As long as I had Kabuto by my side I would be fine. Kabuto was a different shinobi than the rest. Even though we’re just kids I know that I will always be by his side.”


“The day I found him was just over a day ago.

He lay in the grass with his friend Kusatta. They seemed so peaceful. They were unknowing of the dangers of the dangers on this side of the world. I wanted to awake him but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I wanted to tell him but they looked so content sleeping. It was quite adorable. Both he and his friend seemed to match. They were both hooded and armored, but not overly too much. It was funny to see that Kusatta was so close to Kabuto. Maybe one day my brother would learn that Kusatta cared for him much more than a friend.

I was being a bit creepy. I did stare for some time. After a few minutes I noticed a scroll in Kabuto’s bag. Naturally I took it and had a read. I learned it to be a special communication jitsu. I noted it down and placed it back in his bag. I would try to talk to him this way.

The day I left the village I turned. I don’t remember where or when I had this ability. I don’t know if I was sealed before or I stole something. That night I turned into a fascinating creature with fantastic power. I had slain Anbu who were trying to bring me to their clan again. I wish I could have seen what I looked like. Whatever I was it stuck fear into most of them. Many fled. The ones that stayed and fought me were killed by my hand. Well, it was more of claws. I don’t know. I didn’t want to turn when Kabuto was around, I had to leave. I left a note saying I had to leave. I knew it wouldn’t be enough to him. I knew he would try and follow me. I didn’t want to endanger Kabuto, Shini, Kusatta, nor her. I know she would accept me for the way I am, but he can’t see me like this.

The time Kabuto awakes I’ll be long gone. I must teach him to not follow me. I will run forever. I am a beast. There is no place that would take me. I am a killer. No one will stop my path. I am a shinobi. I fight for myself and those around me.

Perhaps I will leave things scattered across the country for Kabuto. I know my time is very limited on this world. It’s the little things in life that keep him going. The last thing he needs to feel is alone. I’m glad to see that Kusatta was with him.

I can only wonder what Shini Chikai is doing in the mysterious village of Konoha.”

Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 604019_557159770985193_2125035399_n

[Yamigakure: The Lost Family Ties!]

The sun was rising over the hills. The shadows that were cast by the sun were stretched across the Earth. All was peaceful, all was quiet. No being was disturbed in the silence. Everything at once was in symbiotic harmony. The water was still and undisturbed… at least for now.

“I had awoken from a horrid yet wonderful dream. In my dream I had found him, or more correct; he had found me. In the dream he had been watching me. He was protecting me from something. Before I was able to finally learn what he was trying to shield me from… I woke up.

Yesterday Kusatta and I left Konoha to get here, to the Land of Waves, to find my brother. Somehow I feel as if he was here, but he has left. Before we left Konoha I was researching about the great Eye Techniques. I believe the names were Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan. I had read many books and scrolls about how these Kekkei Genkais worked. Long ago these skills were all one eye. Over time they split off and became clan traits. After hours of reading I had come up with my own creation. I had taken the eye of the Rinnegan and kept two of the rings, I removed the pupil to represent the Byakugan, and I added the Sharingan. I had called this creation the “Mojingan.” After I had enchanted the cloth itself to have a life of its own I had asked Kusatta to further enhance the cloth to be an extension of my being. I can see through these eyes now. I have gained skilled through these eyes. Through these eyes I can always learn. I will always improve.

After I had awoken from my dream I had laid on the ground for more time. I rubbed my eyes from beneath my mask. I felt something warm on my side as well as on my back. I had looked over to see what it was, it felt like a hand…”

“Oh Kabuto! I’m sorry! I was… Um… well… I…” Kusatta was ashamed.
”Oh… Kusatta… it’s um… okay. Let’s get going.” Kabuto was equally ashamed.
“You don’t want to look some more?”
”No, he’s not here. I can tell.”

Kabuto and Kusatta got up and looked around. There were people in town, yet it seemed they hadn’t noticed them. Kabuto looked at what the town had to offer but decided that there was nothing to be obtained. Kusatta had asked Kabuto where they would head to next. Kabuto gave the honest reply. He didn’t know. They walked on a path leaving the Land of Waves. They have no need to go back to Konoha.

“Kabuto, do you remember our first Sensei?”
“No, I remember her face… but not her name. Aoi was no sensei.”
”That’s funny, Shini always said that.”
“I know. She was right.”

Master Aoi had abandoned Kabuto’s team long ago. He claimed that Kabuto was not teachable, Kusatta was too poor of a ninja, and Shini had an attitude that interfered with his teachings. The three of them all knew that Master Aoi was greedy. All he sought was power and fortune. They were all glad when he left. Coincidentally, it was the day before the Chunin exams.

“We walked for hours on end. Kabuto had high hopes of locating his brother. I know he would die fighting for him, he would die for any of his friends.

Kabuto was normally rather quiet. He never spoke out of turn, and when he did speak it was to share knowledge with those around him. He wasn’t a very selfish person, he cared for others. Whether or not he wanted to show that was a different matter.

I believe it was maybe a few hours of so of walking until Kabuto started to act funny. Kabuto would stop and look around every few minutes like there was something there. I’d always ask him if it was okay, I’d ask if someone was there. He’d always tell me, “I don’t know.” After we walked for a few miles I started to feel like I was hearing something. One time I actually asked him if he heard it. Then he said, “I might have heard something.” The next hour and the next miles were like this. We were starting to go crazy. We felt like we were being watched. We started to become oblivious to our surroundings. It seemed like we were just at the Land of Waves, the next second we were in a forest.

We started to become paranoid. We stopped speaking aloud. We spoke with our jitsu.

(Kusatta, you hear that noise right?)
[I do. I think it might be a voice.]
(What makes you think that?)

We started to walk back to back. We spun looking at all of the trees. We were sure yet unsure with ourselves. We wanted to trust our instinct but we couldn’t. There was something we didn’t know, and we had to find out.

(I don’t understand.)
[It must be saying something.]
(Kusatta, maybe you’re right. Maybe it is a voice.)
[I sure hope this isn’t our imagination.]
(If we concentrate, maybe it would be more clear.)

Both Kabuto and I faced each other at this point. We looked each other in the eyes. We both grabbed each other’s right hand. With our left we made the half-sign. With this we channeled our chakra through each other.

[It’s working!!]

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Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure) 270856_571247159576454_1733573755_n

[Yamigakure Ultimate: Unleashing the Beast Within]

It was a warm day in Konoha. The sun was directly above the village. There was a steady breeze coming in. The day was perfect.

It had been a few years since the Kabuto incident. Today Kusatta comes home to see her family. She had left suddenly with Kabuto that day, without saying goodbye. Today is the day she would return.

She walked along the dirt road to the large gate doors with a hooded figure shadowing her. As she walked in she smiled a pulled out her old headband. Kusatta showed the men at the gate entrance the headband and they knew it was her.

“Kusatta, it’s been a few years since you’ve been back at Konoha.” Said the first man
Kusatta gave a sigh of relief. “Yea, it’s been a long time.”
“Didn’t you run off with a boy?” the second man asked.
”It was Kabuto. We had a adventure, it was one I will never forget.”
“Kusatta, if I may-” The first man started, “Where is that symbol from?”
“Oh this one?” Kusatta pointed to her headband. “It was something Kabuto and I made. We said we would start our own village. We would welcome all people, we would welcome all outcasts. It was just a dream.”
”Where is Kabuto?” The second man asked Kusatta.
”…Kabuto isn’t with us anymore.”
”… and who is he?” the second man asked while pointing to the cloaked figure.
”Him? He’s a friend. Why, are visitors not allowed at this time?” Kusatta asked
“Well gotta be safe, you never know nowadays. Anyone could be your enemy. What is his name?”

Kusatta stared at the figure. She seemed to look deeply into him. She nodded then turned back to the man.

“His name is Kaseki Kyushu. He protected me since Kabuto left. He and I are a team now.”
”Well, it’s good to see that someone of Team 6 is still alive. I think you’re needed for a mission. You might want to see the Hokage later...” said the first man. “…oh, and Kusatta, be careful.”
Kusatta turned to Kaseki for a moment and then nodded. They left without a word.

The first man turned to the man beside him. “You know, I get the feeling that I know that Kasekki person. I can’t help but get over the fact that Kusatta trusts him so well. She doesn’t trust anyone.”
“Don’t think about it. It’s been a few years, people change. Maybe this kid is something special.”
“oh… he’s special…”

Kusatta walked down the road to her home with her hooded friend. They were glad to be back in Konoha. As they took each step they noticed more and more people saw them. Many had happy reactions to see Kusatta. Many of those faces turned to tears.

”Kaseki, I know you don’t like speaking… but I think something is wrong.”
”Look at everyone. They’re happy to see me, yet they all keep their distance. I think they’re hiding something from us. There’s no way they know who you are. That can’t be the reason… could it?”
“Well let’s at least see my parents, it’s been a few years since I left the village.”

Kaseki and Kusatta walked up to the door that many moons ago Kabuto did. Long ago Kabuto was filled with grief and left the village. He left without telling anyone, and asked for Kusatta to do the same. Kabuto did not know how Kusatta’s family would react. Today Kaseki may answer that unasked question.

As Kusatta put her hand on the door a Jonin ninja ran up to her.

”Kusatta! Don’t!”

He looked familiar. He had the same attire as the gate-men, but he wore his head band a little differently. He was someone of importance.

“Kusatta! Wait!”
”Huh, What?”

Kusatta was pulled aside by the man. He had a worried look on his face.

“Kusatta, you can’t go in there.”
“It’s my house, I can go in there if I like.”
”No… Kusatta, you can’t.”
”Who do you think you are to keep me from getting home?! I’ve been gone for a long time, I have a right to see my family!!”
”Kusatta, that’s the problem. Look, we can talk this out… let’s not make a scene.”

Kaseki reached out to Kusatta. He held her arm and pulled her to him. He reached around her and held her. He whispered into her ear and Kusatta stop yelling, instead she was crying.

”Kusatta, I’m sorry you had to find out like this.”
“It’s… Okay... I’m used to losing people now. Can I at least see inside?”
”… The bodies haven’t been removed yet. We are still investigating. The Hokage knows more than any of us. The bodies they’re just…”
”Rotting.” Said Kabuto
“Yes… that. Look, don’t thing about it. Go do something else to get your mind off of this. I’m sorry.” The man said. He wanted to help Kusatta but did not know how.
”You’re.. You’re right… Let’s go Kaseki…” Kusatta sobbed.
“Yes. Leave.”

They both went to the Hokage. Everyone there parted from their way. They all knew. Everyone knew, but no one wanted to be the one to tell her. The village wanted to defend Kusatta. The village worked together to do this. They protected Kusatta… unlike Kabuto and his-

"Kaseki." Kusatta said abruptly
"Yes." Kaseki replied.
"What do you think he would want us for?"
"What kind do you think?"
"Oh, like what?"
"Scroll. Jitsu. Kill. Escort."
"Sounds simple enough."

In a moment they found themselves at the door of the Hokage. They had continued their simpe conversation on the way there. Kusatta was used to Kaseki's simple responses. He spoke in simple words. On occasion he spoke with deep detail, at those moments Kusatta knew he meant something important. “Words are to be used with care. Used too often and they lose power." Kaseki once said.

They watched as an unfamiliar kunoichi opened the door.

"The Hokage awaits your presence." the lady spoke
"Thank you." Kusatta said as she passed by

Kusatta and Kaseki walked into the old room. They saw a lady they had never seen before at the desk.

"Kusatta, the last of Team 6." The lady said
"Yes. That is me. Where is the Hokage?"
"I am the Hokage. I am Lady Tsuande."
"When did- Forget it..."
"Mission?" Kaseki added
"Yes, I need you both to retrieve a special scroll that was stolen from a rogue ninja. He fled to the outskirts of the city. I only ask for the scroll, you may take care of the ninja in any way you choose." Tsunade spoke
"Yes Hokage." Kusatta replied.
"Oh, and I figured you would be an incomplete team. I am going to assign Megumi to your squad as well as Teki Waru who will over see this mission. I do warn that the ninja is armed an dangerous. Both Megumi and Teki will be waiting at the gate for you both. Don't keep them waiting. I need this done now."
"Yes ma'am!" said Kusatta.

They both turned and left the room. Kaseki leaned to Kusatta and spoke, "See?"

Tsunade turned to her kunoichi, "That Kaseki seems a bit odd. I hope he doesn't interferr with this mission."

Outside Kusatta and Kaskei greeted their new team members Megumi and Teki. Megumi was in simple Jonin attire. She was the average ninja you would expect. She specialized in ninjitsu and evasion. Teki was in a robe, he very much resembled a samurai. He had a simple sword. He specialized in using chakra to change the form of his sword. Megumi seemed nervous to start a mission with strangers, Teki on the other hand seemed glad to do something. As the new Team 6 left Konoha, Kaseki told Kusatta, "Hiding something."

Kaseki was able to access the characteristics of the Byakugan to track down the ninja. He pinpointed him at a nearby camp. They followed Kaseki to the location. When they arrived they found the ninja already dead with the scroll in his cold hands.

”Well, that was an easy job.” Joked Teki
“Let us get the scroll to Tsunade as soon as possible!” said Megumi. “We don’t know what importance this scroll holds! It must be important we get it to her now.”
“Why are you in a rush? Take a breath, we are not needed soon. Give me that!” Teki took the scroll from Megumi. “This thing is useless, it’s in another language. It’s some kind of mess-“
”Teki! We can’t do that! Do you know what kind of trouble we’ll be in?!”

Kaseki and Kusatta watched as their new partners argued.

”..we’ll just say the ninja read it.” Said Teki

Everyone paused and stared at Kaseki. It was the first time they had heard him speak outside of the village. Megumi took the scroll from Teki and they walked back to Konoha.

”Kaseki.” Started Megumi
“Yes.” Kaseki replied
”How did you know where he was? You don’t have a Byakugan.”
”Savage sees. Savage watches. Savage is puppet.”

Kaseki pointed to his hood. They were amazed at how he was able to capture such abilities in such a thing. As they ventured back to Konoha they all told stories.

”Kaseki, why don’t you share a story?” Megumi asked
“No. Not interesting.” Kabuto replied
”Ha, figured as much.” Teki laughed. “A few years ago I was a Ronin. I was a lone samurai doing work for who ever had money. I had an extensive team of shinobi at my disposal. I did not care for their lives, they were all tools to me. Years ago I received a contract to execute a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. They told me to be careful. So I sent out all of my men, and I followed them behind hidden.
The ninja was skilled, he was a samurai as I. He wiped out my entire squad of a hundred ninja in a matter of minutes. As we was buzy fighting I was able to hit him with a kunai to is side.
I lost all of my men that day. It was good to watch the samurai die. He was worth the pay. I would gladly do it again.”

Kusatta paused and held a blank look on her face. It was nightfall in Konoha. Megumi left with Kusatta as Kaseki stayed with Teki.

Teki was walking with Kaseki down the main road. He started to push Kaseki around, he claimed that he wasn’t interesting.

”You need to live. You are too quiet…”
”Silence.” Kaseki commanded
”Oh? Did I offend you? Does the baby have anger problems? Ha, you couldn’t beat me in a fight if you wanted to.”
”… Let’s.”

Kaseki advanced a large amount of space. It was a wide-open area. Kaseki threw his coat aside. From beneath he wore a long sleeved shirt with tears. He had a long black scarf. On his right arm was armor. It was an ebony black with a glow. Kaseki let his mask remain.

”That… that arm…”

Kaseki opened his right palm. He gave off a glow. In an instant his form was changed. Kaseki became double the size. He was a large creature. His mask had bonded with his face. His armor became his limb. He was armed and massive. He was going to end this argument.

”What… What are you?!” Teki panicked

The beast’s skin turned into a dark and shadowy black. Symbols started to appear all over his skin. They were white and violet, and they seemed to tell a story, a prophecy. Kaseki looked down at the man and spoke with a heavy tone.

”What am I? Hmph, a better question is who I am. I am a child abandoned by his own kin. I am a being left to live on its’ own. I am the unloved. I am the one that walks the streets at night in search of criminals. I scout the mountains looking for vengeance. I am the one that lets people live because I chose to. I decide fate of all people. I am nothing short of a god. I am greater than that. A God smites those that displease him. I instead watch them, and let them have a deserving death. I am a creature who has obtained skills of every clan. I am a thing that has conjured the unimaginable. I have become the very nightmares of youth and elders. I am the dream of everyone. I have become a beast. I have collected tools from all over the land. I have everything at my disposal. I am your worse nightmare. But excuse me for not answering your question. Who am I? I am the one that will avenge the death of a fallen samurai. You sent others to kill my brother, so I will kill you with another.”

Kaseki lifted his right hand and faced his open palm toward Teki. He twitched his fingers. In the distance you could see Kaseki’s jacket move. Kaseki pulled his thumb to the center of his palm and the jacket dashed forward. The jacket’s sleeves revealed two masks. The masks were thrown to the side. A white one turned into a shadow and crept to Teki swiftly. The other black mask took the form of a girl. She had long red hair and wielded a katana.

”You aren’t worth my time. Let me introduce you to my old friend. She will end your life for me.” Spoke Kaseki

Red colored the walls in an instant.

Kaseki turned to his vessel of destruction.

”Well done, Shini.”

And the journey had begun.
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Hidden Shadow Village (Yamigakure)
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