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 Ishi Tech Registration

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Chakra : 100
Character Age : 20
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PostSubject: Ishi Tech Registration   Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:23 am

Knock-Back Slash
Rank of Jutsu: D
Damage: 10
Range: Contact
Speed: D

Element Affinity: -
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: Requires 10 chakra in the blade pool. Charge equal to handseals. After a charge, the blade begins to glow with a red aura. This aura grants the blade a special property to expel the chakra on hit with a target, knocking the target away from the swing for up to 10 feet. The skill is used mainly defensively to put some distance between the user and his foe. Cooldown of 2 posts.
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Ishi Tech Registration
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